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Selfish. What Does It Really Mean? – MKMMA Week Four

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bigstockphoto_man_meditation_12036691I’m always learning.

Selfish. What does it really mean?

You know it’s kind of amazing that even though I took this course last year, there are things that I continue to discover. As I read through Part Four of Haanel’s The Master Key the statements stand out more.

“Most people allow their thoughts to dwell on selfish purposes, the inevitable result of an infantile mind.”

Ouch. That hurts a little.

When most people think of selfish purposes the phrase, “what’s in it for me?” may come to mind. But I have discovered that selfishness also means not following through with something because of personal fears that get in the way.

How can that be a form of selfishness? Well when you consider not following through with a transaction that may benefit every person who is in any way connected with the transaction, that’s selfish.

Let’s think about this.

You could have something that could have a profound impact on someone’s life. An idea, a product, a business opportunity, advice, guidance. But you have doubts about yourself. Fears of how to approach someone. What will they think about me? Why should they believe that I have something worth listening to?

When you don’t give someone the opportunity to make their own decision, when you take their ability to choose away from them because of fears or doubts in your mind, that’s selfish.

That’s something that I have been doing, I am much more aware of it now. With awareness comes change.

“When a mind becomes mature, it understands that the germ of defeat is in every selfish thought.”


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One Comment

  1. Absolutely! Great job defining what it means to be selfish. I now understand how fear is a form of selfishness. Without awareness there would be no change. Good for you for being so astute. Now go out there and get em’, tiger!

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