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Revisit and Review – MKMMA Year Two


bigstockphoto_man_meditation_12036691When I started reading Haanel’s Master Key Part Two earlier this week it’s amazing what you can discover when you take the time to revisit and review.

Revisit and review. Let me explain.

Last year when I took the MKMMA course I was asked to write out a Definite Major Purpose (DMP). In short, it’s something that I feel that I would like to see manifest in my life. It must be purposeful meaningful to me. I also had to choose from a list of personal pivotal needs, two to be exact, out of seven that I was to work towards satisfying. As I worked towards these needs this in turn would help me with the manifestation of my DMP.

I have been seeing some great success in my quest, but I have also had some significant challenges.

As I said at the beginning of this post…

When I started reading Haanel’s Master Key Part Two earlier this week it’s amazing what you can discover when you take the time to revisit and review.

There right before my eyes, as I start to read the first paragraph, the explanation for and answer to my significant challenges:

“Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests. The great task is to discover the great laws of nature to which we are to adjust ourselves. Clear thinking and moral insight are, therefore, of incalculable value. All processes, even those of thought, rest on solid foundations.”

How can I work towards my purpose if I’m not listening to the truth of my heart and following it?

“Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests.”

I chuckled a little and shook my head as I read the first sentence again. Good old Blueprint.

Old habits die hard. Unless they are replaced with new habits, quite preferably  good ones, they never quite go away. I have chosen to avoid what I should have really been doing. Justifying to myself that the other needs I supplemented for it needed to be achieved first before moving forward. Funny thing is I’m not mad at myself at all. I do know that fear has played a big role in this outcome and that I am solely responsible for that fear.

“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” (Quote – Master Oogway, “Kung Fu Panda”)

What do I intend to do?

I watched an interesting video on challenging your perceptions by Derek Atchely. You can click this link if you’d like to watch it My perception is based on fear. Fear that I will not be able to perform the task to give the best level of service I can to others. I intend to eliminate my fear by believing I can do what I had originally set out to do and continue to challenge my perception every day through action until all that my subconscious mind is filled with are the thoughts and beliefs to achieve my purpose every day.

My first personal pivotal need is True Health. My second personal pivotal need that I have chosen to avoid until now is Liberty. It’s time for me to start asking the right questions, to get the right answers and eliminate any fear I have completely.

Interested in taking the course?

For those of you interested in finding out more about the course and if it is a fit for you, at the top of this post you’ll see a heading that says Master Key Scholarship. When you run the cursor over it there will be a drop down tab that says get your MKE Scholarship, when you click that there is some free information about the course and if you choose to, you can sign up there for early notification for next year’s course.

And if you’d like to try something fun and challenging, if you look over to the right of this post there is a clock with a title underneath it that says 7 Days To A New Life, sign up there for the free challenge!

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  1. I am very impressed by your comprehensive blog and the growth you are making in your process. Keep playing the game, you will win at the game of life.

    • Thanks, Tracy! Sometimes it takes me a while to express what I have to say and put it to print, my wife can attest to that! Lol. I am noticing much change in my life. I do my best to remember that perfection is the labour of life and to enjoy every moment of it.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment!

  2. Wow, Chris!! Reading this blog post, I feel amazed at how far you’ve come since last year. Congratulations, my friend – you really do understand what this is all about.

    Keep up the good work!

    Patricia Loofbourrow recently posted…Week 1 – Protecting subbyMy Profile

    • Thanks Patty! I am really enjoying going through the material a second time, it is helping me with my progress and reinforcing the new and good habits that I continue to create and I am truly loving it!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

  3. I love Kung Fu Panda! Some of the best ah-ha moments come from cartoons. Yes, confused ideas. Ah, great observer! Glad you got a chuckle on your own perspective.

    • Getting better at being that observer every day, and it’s helping me a lot with my progress. I find I smile more and more about things in my life daily, I have much to be grateful for!

      Kung Fu Panda is one of my all time favorites! I agree! Some of the best ah-ha moments do come from cartoons.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

  4. Chris, I love your dedication and persistence. As you enter your second year, I can personally attest to your new positive habits. You’re living the master key system and your approach to life is one to be admired. You’re an excellent role model to the community and your loved ones. Anything you want is within reach. Go out there and make it happen!

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